Telemarketer or not?

| Problem Description |

Here at the Concerned Citizens of Commerce (CCC), we have noted that telemarketers like to use seven-digit phone numbers where the last four digits have three properties. Looking just at the last four digits, these properties are:

For example, if the last four digits of the telephone number are 8229, 8338, or 9008, these are telemarketer numbers.

Write a program to decide if a telephone number is a telemarketer number or not, based on the last four digits. If the number is not a telemarketer number, we should answer the phone, and otherwise, we should ignore it.

| Input Specification |

The input will be 4 lines where each line contains exactly one digit in the range from 0 to 9.

| Output Specification |

Output either ignore if the number matches the pattern for a telemarketer number; otherwise, output answer.

| Sample 1 Input |


| Sample 1 Output |


| Explanation |

The first digit is 9, the last digit is 8, and the second and third digit are both 6, so this is a telemarketer number.

| Sample 2 Input |


| Sample 2 Output |


| Explanation |

The first digit is 5, and so this is not a telemarketer number.

| Solution |